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Moving Back to Japan

I have been back in England for just over six years. Seventy three months and a few days since my four year, Japanese adventure came to an end. But hey, who's counting? England has been good to my wife and I, but we’ve allowed ourselves to fall into a bit of a rut. With family nearby, secure employment and lots of lovely video games to play, it has been easy to let year after year of comfortable inaction pass us by. We felt that we wanted a change, and that a return to Japan might be the answer, but we weren't in any great rush to make it happen. The birth of our daughter changed everything. Watching her develop and grow has made us far more aware that time is slipping by and, should we wish to move back to Japan, then we'd better hurry up and do it. With a new found sense of urgency, we viewed Japan very differently during a holiday late last year. It was a welcome eye-opener and the first stage in making a decision that will likely affect the rest of our lives. A