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The End of Another Generation: Musings

  I'm writing a retrospective series about  the end of the 8th Generation  , which includes a Top Twenty Countdown of my favourite games. 1. The Repeat Standouts Three of my absolute favourite games of the 8th Gen didn't make my Top 20 countdown, because rules. Rules that I foolishly set. Specifically, that remasters and ports did not qualify, regardless of how expanded they may be.  A bloody stupid rule that robbed my list of three of the best games of the last decade. A rule that I now deeply regret. Rez Infnite (2016), Persona 4 Golden (2012/13) and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (2013), please accept my sincerest of apologies. Infinite is the optimal way to enjoy Rez, a game that has grown on me with each subsequent upgrade. I liked it on the PS2, liked it even more in HD on Xbox 360, and fell in love with it on PS4. I've played it a few times in VR, at demo events and using a friend's VR set, but I've mostly enjoyed it on my TV. The lack of an extra reality did l