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Final Fantasy Fifteen - Fin

MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD Yes, I played and finished Final Fantasy XV. Six weeks and a shade under thirty hours was enough to get my hideously under-levelled characters over the finish line. Noctis fulfilled his destiny and the sun rose once more over Lucis, or something. Cue the Crystal Theme. Final Fantasy XV is terribly flawed. However, there’s a good game in there somewhere, or at least enough of one to keep me mildly entertained over the course of a month and a bit. I thought I was going to hate FFXV but I didn't. I thought it was alright. I'm not enamoured with the direction that the series has taken, but I'm glad that I took the time to play FFXV. Here are fifteen (XV, as in FFXV) reasons why. 1. Doing My Duty : Final Fantasy XV is a Final Fantasy and I still feel like I have to play every mainline entry in the series. XII was the last one I really enjoyed, but I haven’t fallen in love with an entry since IX. However, the series still has a certain