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2016 - See You in May

My favourite game of 2016 thus far is (ask me in May). We are almost a quarter of the way through the year, and I have yet to play a game released in 2016. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to change any time soon. I have Dark Souls 3 preordered, but I probably won't have a chance to play it until early May, by which time our move to Japan should be complete and I'll have a brand new PS4 to replace my soon-to-be-sold launch model. Then it will be time for Uncharted 4, with Fire Emblem Fates and No Man's Sky soon after - four of my most wanted games all within the space of two months. That should get 2016 started, five months late. I mulled a few Q1 purchases, but decided not to take the plunge. Street Fighter V is barebones; I'll most likely give it a look in June, when the game has been patched in. There were no hang gliders or jet skis in prehistoric times, so I passed on Far Cry Primal, and I've convinced myself that Firewatch is just about walking arou

Moving to Japan: Making Cuts

DVD collection, you are cut. Sofa, get in the skip. Mint green Sega Saturn t-shirt, you're gone. MGS3 Snake Eater Ltd Edition, you're not going anywhere. As much as I'd like to bring all of my belongings to Japan, I simply can't. Shipping boxes are expensive, and those we can afford are better off filled with clothes and other useful household goods, or so I'm told. With that in mind, we had to have an almighty clear out. Our bins are overflowing, our local charity shops are well stocked and larger items have been offloaded/forced onto relatives. My video game collection has not escaped this purge. Some things have been thrown away and I've Ebay-ed a couple of unwanted items, though I have managed to retain the bulk of my collection. However, less than half of it is coming with me to Japan; the remainder has been stored away, awaiting a reunion that may be a few years off. Here are some of the cuts and keepers. Cut: PS4 Don't worry