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TGS 2010 - Impressions & Pictures From Day 2

The second and final press day of TGS 2010 is now history. Hordes of fans will now descend on Makuhari Messe for the next two days, turning what were once 20 minute queues into 3 hour tests of endurance. Here are some of my thoughts from Fridays festivities, with lots more in-depth, game by game impressions to follow over the next few days, including 3rd Birthday, Killzone 3 with Move & 3D, Okamiden, El Shaddai and much more. KINNECT - Stevie (thedogbarks) and I decided that as soon as the hall doors opened we would make a beeline for the Microsoft stand to try out Kinnect, hoping to beat the lines from yesterday. When we got there, we saw a staff member placing his magnetic numbers onto the sign that informs you of the wait time. We were happy to see "10", but then he added a further "0" to the end. "Bollocks to that" I said and we played 3rd Birthday instead. ZOMBIES - As has been well documented, zombies seemed to be doing a good job of ta

TGS 2010 - Impressions & Pictures From Day 1

Just a quick post for now, as its 12.10am and I have only just arrived home from TGS Day 1, slightly worse for wear/beer. I will have in-depth impressions and more pictures from Friday onwards. Overall, despite some interesting titles and announcements, I came away from TGS Day 1 mildly disappointed. There was no playable Last Guardian demo nothing on Metal Gear Solid Rising, and Final Fantasy XIII Versus only made the briefest of appearances in the form of a tantalizing 20 second video. More on that another time. Why cant Valkyria Chronicles 3 be on the PS3, instead of the PSP? Mega Man Universe on Hard difficulty made me want to punch myself in the face, repeatedly. Its extremely embarrassing playing Marvel Vs Capcom 3 with a beat-em-up pro sitting next to you. Especially when you are only mashing 2 of the 6 available buttons on your fighting stick. El Shaddai really stood out from the crowd. It has a style and atmosphere all of its own, as well as the best looking booth

My Tokyo Game Show 2010 Coverage - TGS 2009 Retrospective

I will be attending Tokyo Game Show 2010 this Thursday and Friday and covering the event here, my blog at and over at I'm temporarily back in Japan, braving the unusually hot and humid weather (even by Japan standards) and clutching my press pass for TGS 2010. Between catching up with family and friends, epic Karaoke sessions, eating four meals a day just to ensure that I can fit in all my favourite dishes, beer gardens and Akihabara, I have found time to cobble together a prelude to the show. Be sure to check back from Thursday onwards as I will be posting impressions and pictures from the show floor. So, with Tokyo Game Show only days away, now seems like the perfect time to re-evaluate some of the biggest announcements and games from TGS 2009. Year in and year out we are seduced by the next big thing, teased by developers and publishers anxious to show off their wares. Despite a scaled-down show and widespread concerns about the health of t