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E3 2017: A Hastily Written and Poorly Researched Preview

Fuck me, it's E3. Twitter snark, adult men in video game t-shirts, Ubisoft gobshites, 3 AM live streams, Need for Speed, Jason Derulo. E3 is many things to many people. I was convinced that E3 was another week away, but it isn't. So I've hurriedly written a preview, because there aren't enough of them online already. This a stream of consciousness, a preview with no research and little understanding of what has or hasn't already been announced. Get educated. MICROSOFT Scorpio, yeah? The Xbox One with extra graphics, a richer price tag (presumably) but no exclusive games. I really don't get the appeal of iterative consoles, but MS are banking on my being in the minority. Scorpio will be the focus and we'll all be sick of it by the end of next week. As an Xbox One owner, I'm genuinely excited about seeing Crackdown 3. It's the only upcoming exclusive that I'm interested in, or even aware of for that matter. That's a dire situatio