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The End of Another Generation: The 8th and I

I'm writing a series about  the end of the 8th Generation   (PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, Switch-ish, 3DS and Vita). It'll include a Top Twenty Countdown of my favourite games. My eighth generation started in England, and it ended in Japan. A fair bit happened in-between. We were living in the UK when the Nintendo 3DS came out in the spring of 2011. Newly married, my wife and I had left Japan just over a year earlier. While we were happy in England, and making the most of being near family, I missed our old life terribly. I wanted nothing more than to head back East, to resume our lives in a culture less-familiar. So we started making arrangements, putting out feelers in Japan for employment and whatnot. That all ground to a halt one March morning, when we turned on the TV and saw the disaster unfolding in Tohoku. We sat there horrified. I remember feeling sick to my stomach. That put a halt to our plans. We stayed in the UK, became more settled; more comfortable. A return to Japan be

The End of Another Generation - Intro

It's once again time to look back on a generation past. As I did with the seventh gen back in 2013 , I'm going to write a series of posts about the departing generation. This series will include a top twenty countdown of my favourite 8G games, which I'm already losing sleep over. Why did people like Doom? Can I include Rez Infinite, even though it's an expanded port of a Dreamcast game? What the fuck was the Wii U? Does Assassin's Creed Valhalla belong to the 8th or 9th Gen? Did I lock the front door? My eighth generation is over. My Vita and 3DS are long since retired, my Wii U was abandoned years ago, and my Xbox One and PS4 have new owners. My Switch is still in heavy use, but we'll call that a 8G/9G hybrid. I've had an Xbox Series X and PS5 since November and December, respectively. Thanks to full, backwards compatibility, I was encouraged to sell my Xbox One and PS4. It feels weird making a clean break from that hardware, though I am still catching up o