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2017 When?

2017 has already been a great year for video games. We’ve seen the triumphant return of celebrated series, big-hitters hitting biggly, under-the-radar hits and new and successful hardware. Or so I'm told. You see, I've only played two new games in this, the Year of Luigi +4. I didn’t set out to ignore 2017's finest, yet that’s exactly what I've done. I played Resident Evil 7 back in February; it started off well, finished poorly and was fairly average overall. I just recently broke the seal on the Wipeout Omega Collection, a highly polished selection of Vita and PS3 games packaged in a faux-PS1 sleeve that may or may not have influenced my purchase. It’s Wipeout, but in 2017. I also played the final Dark Souls 3 DLC, but that doesn’t really count. I may be lagging behind on new releases, but I have been playing games. I’m pretty much caught up on 2016, having finished Dead Rising 4, Final Fantasy XV, Yakuza 6, Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 and Call of Duty: