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A Shootout in Virtua City

Seventeen polygonal criminals are squatting behind a counter at the back of a jewelry store. "There must be some kind of mistake". Gary, a career criminal, is very unhappy with his current predicament. "Steven. Steven, mate. There's no way seventeen of us are gonna find cover behind this counter. We're going to get shot to pieces. One of us should say something". "Fuck up, Gary. I ain't saying shit. Team Leader'll kick my arse. Just stay quiet, stay low and please stop elbowing me" "I can't stop elbowing you; there's no space here". Gary is right. There is no space, and he has particularly pointy elbows. "Oh god, don't look now. Gareth is coming over........ and he's seen us". "Hey guys, budge up". Gareth is here. "No, fuck off. This counter is full. There is no more room at the counter". Gary can not fathom having to make space for yet another gunman behind what i

Catch Up 2020

It's been a strange few weeks since my last post. Feel free to skip the next paragraph if you want to avoid the germ chat. We've been dealing with Coronavirus here in Japan for around a month. Or not dealing with it, as the case may be. Measures have been put in place to limit the spread - voluntary self-isolation for returnees from abroad, nationwide school closures, encouraging people to work from home - but honestly, the vast majority of us are going about our daily routine as per usual. This is because we don't have a say in the matter. The commuter trains are still packed, just marginally less so, and there are slightly more people wearing masks. Entertainment venues are suffering terribly as our weekends become more isolated, because that's when we have the freedom to stay at home. But on weekdays it's business as usual, as we're in the office and out and about. A strange few weeks, indeed. Anyway, let's take our mind off that for a bit