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Wii U Part 2: Games & the West

My Japanese Nintendo Direct round-up and further Wii U details can be found here
It was certainly a busy afternoon for Wii U spotters. From 3pm, we had no less than three simultaneous Nintendo Directs, one for the US, another for Europe and a software focussed, Japanese event. I gave myself a splitting headache trying to keep abreast of all three but it was worth it in the end.

We finally discovered (most) of the final details for the Wii U launch and were treated to some significant software announcements. The new Nintendo box will be available November 18th in the US and on the 30th in Europe. The SKUs are the same as those announced for Japan (Basic white and Premium black) with the lower-end model going for $299.99 and the deluxe at $349.99. Due to differing markets, Nintendo did not give a SRP for Europe, suggesting that we check with our local retailers to assess the damage, which is exactly what we did. Amazon UK currently lists the basic SKU at £249 and the premium at £285,…

Wii U by the Numbers

There were no bananas this time, or wall-mounted Kanji for that matter. This morning's Nintendo Direct Japan was concerned with only numbers, very important numbers, shedding light on the Japanese launch of the Wii U, with European and US details to follow later today. Although it was Japan only, it has given us a much better idea of the prices and packages that we can expect later this year. I'm usually terrible at this kind of thing, but I'd hazard a guess that we will be paying over the odds here in the UK, as per usual, probably around £250 for the basic and closer to £300 for the Premium; at those prices I certainly won't be biting. 
Japan will be getting another presentation later today (3pm UK time) which will concentrate on the software, but for now here's the Wii U by the numbers.
(I'll probably add to this post later today, to reflect the Western announcements. All information is correct as of Thursday morning, 13/09)
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