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Pokemon GO GO GO!

I'm playing Pokemon GO. And so are you, probably. Pokemon GO was finally released in Japan last Friday. I wasn't going to partake, as I was already sick and tired of other people talking about it. However, I soon relented and was hooked by the end of the day. Now I can't go anywhere without hunting for a Poke or two, running down my battery in an effort to catch them all. Or, more realistically, fifteen Doduos and a dozen Pinsirs. Before GO came along, I knew next to nothing of Pokemon. It was that game that children played, the one with Pikachu and the boy in the red hat. I missed it at inception and never cared to catch up. GO educated me, earning a spot in my phone-checking routine (LINE > Emails > Pokemon > Twitter > Data Usage) and teaching me the difference between a Bulbasaur and an Ivysaur. Our house is PG mad, as my wife is also hopelessly addicted. Just yesterday, I caught her checking out external phone batteries online. We've taken more