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A Buffet and The Obra Dinn

In 2007, or thereabouts, the wife and I had a very memorable dinner in Okinawa. It was a buffet with several counters, each serving different types of local food. Lots of fresh fish, fruit, pork and other good stuff. You'd walk up with your plate, hand it to the man, he'd fill it, you'd clear it. Rinse and repeat. You are probably familiar with how a buffet works. It was a two-hour course that also included beer, which ensured that I was shit-faced by the end, but pleasantly so. The dinner was a little pricey, but it was very much worth it, as every mouthful was a delightful mish-mash of new and familiar flavours. It was the perfect start to a wonderful weekend away. This blog post is about video games, I promise. We went back the next year and it was nowhere near as good. The selection had been reduced and what they had didn't taste the same. Or maybe it did, and we had just unreasonably inflated the original experience and set our expectations impossibly hi