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Monthly Round-up: February 2015


The Correct Length


In Praise of Yakuza


Revisiting The Mansion

I'm currently making my way through Resident Evil HD Remaster. It is a prettier version of a remake of a game that I haven't touched for at least seventeen years, a game that I have fond memories of playing on my gone-but-not-forgotten Saturn.
A lot has changed in seventeen years - I now have facial hair and a PS4 - but Resident Evil remains a compelling experience. With its B-movie production values, memorable setting, and refusal to hold the player’s hand, it is exactly the game I remember. It is a familiar experience, albeit one that I now approach in a very different way.
I'm used to being able to save where I want, when I want, and expect games to have my back should I neglect to save before a game-over. Forget online multiplayer and digital downloads, auto-save is the single greatest feature of modern gaming. Resident Evil HD wants no part of this nonsense, as it retains its antiquated save system: a tiny number of manual save points (typewriters) which can only be …

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I want to blog again. I want to complain about Ubisoft, predict a new TimeSplitters before every games convention, write about ludonarrative dissonance in Puyo Puyo Tetris and discuss the hats of Dragon Age Inquisition.For these reasons and many more, I am reviving Toomanywires.
It has been very quiet here of late. I managed to bang out three posts last year (Best and Worst of 2014 / E3 2014 in a Thousand Words / Musings of a Gamer: Catching Up) and I put a lot of time and effort into an end of generation series at the tail end of 2013, but I haven't posted regularly for almost two years. Despite my lengthy absence, I’m confident that I have retained the majority of my blogging skills and I'd like to think that I can still construct a semi-coherent sentence. However, I have completely forgotten how to write InFAmouS correctly, so please be patient.
In an effort to fit blogging back into my routine, I will be taking a slightly different approach to my writing. I may still occa…