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Monthly Round-up: February 2015

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February Playlist
1. Resident Evil Remake HD: I’d forgotten just how good the first Resident Evil was. I’m gradually making my way through Jill’s campaign, having finished with Chris’ earlier in the month - I achieved the best ending where Jill and Rebecca fall asleep in a helicopter. I will do everything in my power to ensure that Barry also has the chance to nod off in a chopper.
2. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: I’ve only played a measly five hours, as of late I have been struggling to go more than fifteen minutes without falling asleep and dropping the 3DS on my face. Still, I’m sure that I’ll be playing this for months to come.
Words: New 3DS XL, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Dragon Age Inquisition
This month I bought my third 3DS, because I like new things. I marked the release of one of my most anticipated games of 2015, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, by splashing out on a…

The Correct Length


In Praise of Yakuza


Revisiting The Mansion

I'm currently making my way through Resident Evil HD Remaster. It is a prettier version of a remake of a game that I haven't touched for at least seventeen years, a game that I have fond memories of playing on my gone-but-not-forgotten Saturn.
A lot has changed in seventeen years - I now have facial hair and a PS4 - but Resident Evil remains a compelling experience. With its B-movie production values, memorable setting, and refusal to hold the player’s hand, it is exactly the game I remember. It is a familiar experience, albeit one that I now approach in a very different way.
I'm used to being able to save where I want, when I want, and expect games to have my back should I neglect to save before a game-over. Forget online multiplayer and digital downloads, auto-save is the single greatest feature of modern gaming. Resident Evil HD wants no part of this nonsense, as it retains its antiquated save system: a tiny number of manual save points (typewriters) which can only be …

Back to Blogging

I want to blog again. I want to complain about Ubisoft, predict a new TimeSplitters before every games convention, write about ludonarrative dissonance in Puyo Puyo Tetris and discuss the hats of Dragon Age Inquisition.For these reasons and many more, I am reviving Toomanywires.
It has been very quiet here of late. I managed to bang out three posts last year (Best and Worst of 2014 / E3 2014 in a Thousand Words / Musings of a Gamer: Catching Up) and I put a lot of time and effort into an end of generation series at the tail end of 2013, but I haven't posted regularly for almost two years. Despite my lengthy absence, I’m confident that I have retained the majority of my blogging skills and I'd like to think that I can still construct a semi-coherent sentence. However, I have completely forgotten how to write InFAmouS correctly, so please be patient.
In an effort to fit blogging back into my routine, I will be taking a slightly different approach to my writing. I may still occa…