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Taking a Break

After more than two and a half years and almost three hundred posts, I’m taking a break from Toomanywires. I'm not entirely sure what I hope to achieve from a trial separation - this could be the beginning of the end, The END or just the break I need before a triumphant, wordy return - but this definitely feels like the right time to step away. I've been considering packing in this blogging lark for some time, but a continued enthusiasm for writing and a constant supply of topics means that I have avoided, or rather put off, a dramatic farewell. Writing has been a huge part of my video game experience over the last four and a half years, and is not something I'd give up lightly. It started off as a way to share my thoughts as a Brit living in Tokyo, surrounded by video games; for a short while my blogging was fuelled by a desire to write for coin, but mostly it has just been about sharing a passion for games with an audience larger than my group of real-life friend

The Diary of a Monster Hunter: No.1 - The Hunter of Mushrooms

After much procrastination and countless false starts , I have jumped head first into the world of Monster Hunter with MH 3 Ultimate. The first few hours went a little something like this…. What’s My Name? We didn't get off to the best of starts. My first session with MH3U on the 3DS lasted all of ten minutes, before a strict character limit (ten letters or numbers for your username) drove me straight back to my PS3 and Skyrim. I wanted to be Toomanywires, not Toomanywir! I tried reverting to my PS3 handle, but Talkingboo is even more embarrassing. Monster Hunter is rubbish. Two weeks and a Wii U upgrade later, and I gave character creation another shot. My grey-beard wearing a purple, Apollo- Creed-running-on-the-beach-length t-shirt has been christened 2manywires. I'm not happy with the numerical solution, but if I didn't compromise then I'd never have gotten past character creation. Monster Hunter is fucking rubbish. Moga Village Th