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Japan - Almost There

I still can't believe it's happening. In just a few days time, we'll be back in Japan for the long haul. The stakes weren't nearly as high the first time I moved. Back in 2005, my biggest concerns were whether I could charge my Game Boy Advance off Japanese mains and if I could remember how to order a beer. This time around, I'm more concerned with finding a job and whether my daughter will cope with the upheaval. I'm also concerned that my Wii U won't work with Japanese voltage. We have a weekend of frantic packing ahead of us, but most of the preparation is now complete. Our twenty three shipping boxes were collected last week and are now sat on a boat somewhere between England and Japan. I purchased my Yen, after finally accepting that the exchange rate wasn't going to improve any time soon, and have stocked up on prescription medicine and over-the-counter Marmite. I've bought new shoes, shirts and suits because nothing quite fits ri

Japan: A Month to Go

Here’s an update, with just under a month to go until our move to Japan. 1. Flight Booked An April return fare from London to Tokyo costs around £700. A one-way ticket, however, will set you back £1200. This makes sense to no one, other than the airlines. Guess which ticket we booked? I'm not looking forward to the flight, though we've been fortunate enough to be assigned bulk-head seats. My daughter was a real handful the last time we flew, though she was much better coming back. We will be better prepared this time, as we know exactly what to bring to keep her distracted: animal stickers, animal stickers, more animal stickers and an iPad full of children's TV programmes. I'm mentally preparing myself for eleven hours of Teletubies and a face full of sticky dogs. 2. Games I probably shouldn't be thinking about games at the moment, but I am, because I'm broken. I've moved on from Xenoblade Chronicles X after thirty hours. I had a few issue