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Games at 39,000 Feet

We're back in Japan after ten days well spent in England. We dined, drank, shopped, spent time with family and attended my brother's wedding, where I got thoroughly smashed and only slightly embarrassed myself delivering a best man speech to a hundred wedding guests. It was a lovely trip and I'm physically & emotionally exhausted. The journey from Japan to England is a long one, around twenty hours door to door. The flight alone is eleven hours and is especially hard work with a two and a half year old who can't quite grasp why she can't step outside and go for a walk. She did take a nap, however, and allowed us a few hours peace, during which time I watched X-men Apocalypse, which was a perfectly acceptable in-flight film. My attention soon turned to the copy of Edge magazine that I'd picked up in the airport. Nintendo Switch graced the cover and the feature was fairly interesting, though I can’t remember the last time that I was this disinterest

Akiba in an Hour

A text conversation between my wife and I: Me: “Is it ok if I quickly stop by Akiba on my way home? I won’t be late.” Wife: “OK.” Hmm, that’s a very short yet very loaded yes. Yes it’s ok, though I’d prefer it if you came straight home after work. Now I’m feeling guilty, but I really want to go to Akiba. Time for some reassurance. Me: “I won’t stay long. Be back by 7pm at the latest (kissing smiley face).” Now I’ve shot myself in the foot. There’s no way I can visit all the shops I’d like and be back home by 7pm. I’m still feeling guilty, though. Me: “Do you want me to pick up anything?” Wife: “No I’m ok.” Well that’s a fucking relief, as I’m already pushed for time. That gives me a little under an hour to do the main stops. Let’s do this. Me: “Love you xxx.” Wife: “Get donuts.” I visit Akihabara, Tokyo’s home of all things video games (and electronics and anime), once or twice a month. I don’t have the free time that I used to, so my visits involve rushing ar