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Nintendo Switch & Launch Line-ups

I’m rooting for Nintendo. They are putting most, if not all of their eggs into one basket with the Switch, attempting to unify home and portable on one system. I’m hoping that they succeed, as they make wonderful games and the industry would be far less interesting without a dedicated, Nintendo platform. I’m not feeling all that confident though. At this stage, I have no interest in buying a Switch. I watched the presentation last week and came away underwhelmed. I like the design and appreciate Nintendo’s boldness in trying to change the way we play, but I think they are in danger of falling short. The price is a little too steep – Switch will be the highest priced console on the market - the launch line-up too barren and early third party support is lacking. It's great that the Switch will be region free, but that’s not going to contribute to sales. Realistically, how many titty games will be on Switch? Not nearly enough to convince the import perverts to put down the

Where the Grass is Green & the Girls are Pretty

I was spoilt for choice over the holidays. I had a pile of new games which I intended to plough through over Christmas and New Year. I thought I’d race through Titanfall 2 and play online with friends; I was sure I’d get a good way through Yakuza 6, put a dent in Dead Rising 4 and also try a couple of the PS+ games that were wasting away on my Vita. But did I? Did I fuck. With the exception of Titanfall 2, which I finished, I spurned them all in favour of a game from 2008. A nine year old, backward compatible racer running on my Xbox One. One of the finest games of the seventh generation, and still the best in its class. I played a lot of Burnout Paradise and I have no regrets. I originally played Paradise on the PS3, back in 2009. It was love at first sight, and I played it on and off for the best part of a year. It was one of the first games I played online, as I raced around Paradise city with friends and strangers alike, and it ended up as one of my favourite games of t