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Game Pitch: Elephant Ice Hockey

I'd like to make a game some day. I'm not sure what that game'll look like, or how I'll go about making it. I'm not even all that bothered if anyone else plays it - I just want to make something. I'd like to have a better idea of what it takes to make a game. I want to gain some insight into the process and learn a little about basic coding. I want to attend an awards ceremony wearing shorts and a t-shirt and hug Geoff Keighley. I want to take pictures of food with Hideo Kojima, and not have it be weird. From small beginnings. Game Pitch: Elephant Ice Hockey Elevator Pitch It's ice hockey, but with elephants instead of Canadians. More specifically, it's NHL '94 with elephants. Everyone likes elephants. They're big, majestic, exotic, and sometimes they let us sit on their backs. No one understands ice hockey, myself included. To most of the world, it's plausible that elephants could play ice hockey. I couldn't say fo