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I started toomanywires-uk in October last year in an effort to renew my waning interest in blogging. Up to that point, I had spent a year or so writing on a couple of other sites, as well as doing some occasional freelance work, but it all ground to a halt within a few months of leaving Japan and moving back to England. Although my love of gaming never wavered, my motivation for keeping a regular blog lessened for a variety of reasons including a lack of time, no longer being surrounded by fellow gamers as I'd been in Tokyo, and the increasing realisation that video games were unlikely to ever be more than just a hobby.

Starting toomanywires gave me the focus I needed to get back on track, and maintaining this blog has become my favourite distraction and part of my daily routine. I'm pleasantly surprised by how quickly I've reached 100 posts and content that I have avoided posting unimaginative blogs - for the most part anyway. It has also renewed my enthusiasm for writing elsewhere, such as the excellent Critical Gamer, where I am a regular contributor and podcaster.

Site hits are on the increase and, in trying to move this blog forward, I even resorted to joining Twitter, which I have come to rather enjoy. However, I have thus far refused the advances of Facespace, MyBook and all that other social media nonsense, though I may yet cave. I'm always looking to increase the readership of toomanywires and have become hopelessly addicted to checking the daily counter and discovering where in the world my hits are coming from. I always enjoy hearing from visitors old and new, so don’t be shy in leaving comments or contacting me directly at toomanywires (at) hotmail (dot) com, and don’t forget to spread the word of toomanywires!

I hope you have enjoyed reading the last 100 posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them. I can assure you there’s plenty more in store for the next 100, including my Tokyo Game Show coverage, when I shall be returning to Japan for two weeks this September, with my beautiful press pass.

Thanks for visiting.


My Top Ten in Ten

These are my ten favourite current gen games in ten words, because 10x10=100!

I have done something similar before for my favourite games of all time, which you can find here, so I thought I would switch it up and limit myself to just the current gen this time around. It’s pretty difficult describing your favourites in exactly ten words, particularly when I'd rather do it in 10,000, but I gave it a go anyway.

In alphabetical order, not of preference:

My Gaming

Here are a couple of pictures to finish. I was hoping to write something insightful about my history with video games, and the role they play in my life, but thanks to the latest series of Sons of Anarchy finally making an appearance on British TV, I completely ran out of time!

This is my current set-up, with all the consoles I need to hand. I have others stashed away in cupboards, boxes etc. Top shelf (L to R) - PS3, Japanese Wii. Bottom shelf - Dreamcast, JPN Saturn, PS2 (fat), JPN PS2 (slim), Xbox 360.

This is the majority of my games - my PS3 collection has grown a little since these photos - minus all the peripherals etc which live in a big box, out of sight. Not a massive collection, but big enough to be a hassle each time I move house/countries!


  1. Congratulations on 100 posts. Not sure about this copping out and putting top 10s in alphabetical order, but hey whatever. That is quite the collection of games as well. And I think I spy a bright blue Game Gear! No game collection is complete without a Game Gear and a very large collection of AA batteries. I should take some pictures of my entertainment center. I have most of my recent systems in there except my 360 which I sequester for fear of it blowing up the whole lot. Anyway, keep up the great work on this blog. I love reading it!

  2. Thanks Trip, and I always appreciate the comments.

    I shall appease you with a top five!

    1. Uncharted 2
    2. Red Dead Redemption
    3. MGS4
    4. Mass Effect 2
    5. Shatter

    The top two are set, but the rest are liable to change day by day!

    The Game Gear is a battery eating beast.


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