Falling by the Wayside

I prefer my games shiny and new. Once I’ve got my hands on the latest console I begin to snub its predecessor and associated software, only renewing my interest once it has become suitably retro or HD’d up. My PS Vita arrived this morning and I have already locked away my PSP and fed my UMD library to a gaggle of greedy geese. Crisis Core who?

In the fast moving world of gaming hardware – by the end of 2012 we will have had three brand new systems in the space of 20 months – there will always be older games that fall by the wayside, made redundant by the coming of a new generation as my interest is re-directed to the latest, prettiest releases.  With a constant stream of quality new games there just isn’t enough time to experience everything I’d like. Even when newer systems offer backward compatibility, the odds are still stacked against older titles unless they are given a new lick of paint (see ICO & SOTC) or are an old favourite that I’m revisiting for a nostalgia fix (Final Fantasy VIII).

With a Vita now in hand (impressions will follow Friday) and Sony’s decision to dump the UMD, there are a number of PSP games of note that I’ll now be skipping. I bought a copy of Valkyria Chronicles 2 mere days before succumbing to a bout of Vita fever; had I known of my impending pre-order frenzy, I would have either bought a digital copy or skipped it entirely as it now has little chance of being played in 2012. Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection is likely to share a similar fate, as I bought a discounted retail copy last summer which I have yet to touch. Still, I don’t regret this particular purchase as I netted a FF screen-wipe cloth that has seen action across screens of all shapes and sizes.

I have had a soft spot for The 3rd Birthday and Aya Brea’s disintegrating trousers ever since playing an impressive demo at TGS 2010, but have been slow to invest in a copy. It’s time has now passed, taking with it the opportunity to teleport all over New York and rip our heroine’s jeans in sexy ways.  Patapon remains the PSP series that I’m most disappointed to have not played, though I think there will be ample opportunity to sample this series on the Vita.

The arrival of the 3DS has condemned my DS to an eternal slumber wrapped in a protective sock, but it hasn’t necessarily doomed a select few DS titles that I’m still eager to play. With the exception of Monster Hunter 3G and Seaman, the latter being a longshot for a western release, there isn’t much else on the 3DS’ 2012 slate that tickles my fancy. This means that there is still an outside chance that I will take the time to catch-up on a handful of missed DS games, encouraged by the blessing of backward compatibility and looking for a reason to keep using my 3DS.

Okamiden has all the charm in the world and is a series that lends itself to the DS stylus, though it still commands a premium price for a year old title. I’ve been meaning to play Ghost Trick since last year, though the iOS port may have rendered the DS version obsolete. There is still a fairly good chance that I’ll play Alien Infestation, as I do so enjoy all things xenomorph and the price has started to free fall as the DS begins to fade.

The next generation of home consoles will be here before we know it, starting at the end of the year with the Wii U (that’s still a stupid bloody name for a console). With the U, PS4 and Next Box hot on their heels, there are a couple of games of this gen that are already in danger of slipping away. Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story may well pass me by and Darksiders and Splinter Cell Conviction look set to be two of a handful of PS3 and 360 titles that’ll most likely be lost in the passing of the seventh generation.

That’s enough living in the past for now, as it’s time to return to my Vita. Be sure to check back this Friday for some early impressions on Sony’s latest handheld.


  1. This blog cuts me deep! It hits too close to home for me... All the PS2 games I didn't beat or play because I had a shiny new 360... I'm still feeling that pain. Persona 4 haunts me every time I play a mediocre current gen game. Now that I'm used to Achievement points and Trophies, going back to older gen games is even harder... The Vita will destroy my relationship with my PSP. It will be bigger, sexier, and improve my Trophy level...

    All joking aside, my Gamefly service is really what's keeping me from finishing some of my older games. I ususally prioritize playing rentals, and I usually rent the new hottness.

    1. The Vita will do all those things and more! Just a shame it can't figure out how to show vita trophies and status on the ps3.

      Iv'e never been one for game rentals - I still enjoy collecting games - though if I did I think I'd miss even more older games than I do now.

    2. I'm a big game collector myself. With Gamefly I can rent new games that I wouldn't otherwise buy right away. If I like the game I can then keep it for a discounted price.

      The Vita trophies don't just get added to your PS3 trophies? That sucks. I'm not sure why I assumed they would...

    3. There are some real issues with Vita to PS3 compatibility including, but not limited to an inability to see that friends are playing Vita when you are signed into PS3. It just shows them as being idle or as an error. More on that later....

  2. Trust me, you want to play Xenoblade. It takes a lot to get me to beat a JRPG and that was one of the few games in the genre where I spent close to 100 hours in 2 months. I'd also really recommend Ghost Trick, it gives some really cool puzzles out of the possession gimmick.

    1. I really dug Ghost Trick too. It is a great game. It's also on the iPhone. He can try the first chapter of the game for free too...

    2. I would love to play Xenoblade, but it would mean buying a UK Wii (my model is Japanese & they are region locked). I have started to look for console only deals on eBay - I would just swap over the leads - as together with The Last Story I think it would be worth it. The console would need to be pretty cheap though for me to justify the purchase.

      As for Ghost Trick, I already DL the trial on my iPhone. I have yet to play it, surprise surprise.


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