PS Vita & Arguing with Myself

The best thing about arguing with yourself is that you are bound to win. Well, most of the time anyway.

The PS Vita is only two weeks away and I’m still agonizing over whether or not to buy one at launch. The following heated conversation took place in my head, not more than an hour ago.

Me: I think we need a PS Vita.

Me: Are you taking the piss?

Me: No. It looks great.

Me: But we never play portables. We have stacks of PSP and DS games that we have barely touched.

Me: Hang on a second; I'm playing Resident Evil Revelations as we speak. Having a 3DS is already paying off.

Me: Pull the other one. What were you saying to me the other day about the Circle Pad Pro's battery life?

Me: I don't rightly recall.

Me: Spit it out you mute.

Me: OK! "480 hours? I'll never have to change the battery in this thing". So what? 480 hours is a long time to play anything.

Me: We played Skyrim for 100 hours in the last two months alone. Fuck, we played Final Fantasy XIII for 110 and didn't even particularly like that game.

Me: That was an accident.

Me: You were an accident.

Me: No need to get personal. Look, Amazon is doing a great bundle at the moment: Wi-Fi model, 8GB memory card and a choice of one of six games for £234.

Me: £234? Do you know how many PS3 games we could buy for that? How many nights out with friends?

Me: We don't have any friends.

Me: That's beside the point. £234 is a lot of money for something we don't need and probably won't play after the first month. Anyway, I thought Uncharted was the main reason we wanted a Vita, and that's not even included in the Amazon bundle.

Me: We'd have to buy that separately or we could just go for one of GAME's slightly more expensive bundles that include Golden Abyss.

Me: Wanker.

Me: We might as well just buy one. It’s fate. Besides, we still have Rayman Origins and Lumines on pre-order after Amazon mistakenly listed them for £6 each.

Me: Yeah, that was a good day for us. Super value.

Me: Strike whilst the irons hot, right?

Me: Look, I realise we are eventually going to buy a Vita. But why not wait a year for the price to come down and for more quality games to arrive? There's a good reason why, a year down the line, no one remembers launch titles.

Me: You know what, YOU are what’s wrong with the video game industry. You love games, yet are reluctant to support the creators by making a full-price purchase. You wait around for systems and games to die so that you can snatch them up for next to nothing. You are a vulture. You are more abhorrent than online passes, worse than a David Jaffe quote, even.

Me: Fuck you. We owe Sony nothing. We didn't force them to make questionable decision after questionable decision with all things PS brand. They brought this upon themselves with expensive memory cards, UMD passports, then no UMD passports, and what's this shit I'm now hearing about SEN? Look around the living room. We can't move for Sony products, and don't you forget that we both shed a tear the day our PS3 fat died. When the Vita fails, it won't be our fault. By the way, have you lost weight recently?

Me: Yeah, I think so. Thanks for noticing.

Me: Not at all.

Me: It would just be nice to be on-board with a new console from day one, you know? There are few things more exciting than unwrapping and booting-up a new console for the very first time. We could even make an unboxing video and stick it on YouTube.

Me: Those videos do seem to be very popular and it would be a darn sight easier than banging out another 1000 word blog post. People really appreciate cardboard boxes and shoddy camera work.

Me: Exactly. We can also churn out day one impressions and send out lots of smart-arse tweets about how we have already got our Vita.

Me: That sounds like fun, but it still doesn't justify shelling out now for a Vita. We need to wait.

Me: No, we need to act. What if all the pre-order bundles start to disappear? I'm loading up Amazon now, and I've got my credit card ready.

Me: You really are a hopeless twat.

Me: But it has trophy support!

Me: Really? Why didn't you say so! Are they guaranteeing delivery for the 22nd?


  1. good one. pretty much had the same argument with myself. in the end i caved. great blog. i found it very amusing.

    speaking of amusing, i started your brothers book last night and the halftime report of elliot losing his virginity was awesome. great book so far.

    1. eliot not elliot

    2. Vita has just dropped in price, yet again. I can't remember the last time i was this indecisive about anything.

      Glad to hear that you are enjoying the book.

  2. Ah the sweet temptation of the unboxing video! Theres something about seeing an object being lifted out of a box which everyone can relate to - I might actually start re-boxing my old stuff and film myself removing it again.

    Iv had a very similar conversation about the Vita. But I just can't. None of the games really interest me, though im excited to play Gravity Rush but im not sure when thats coming out (iv got Rayman Origins on the 360 and its bloody amazing!) That said I got to play on one in GAME the other day. Its really feels really nice and the screen is incredible! Did you decide to pre-order in the end?

    1. "it really feels really nice" lol

    2. You should film the re-boxing. Start a new fad.

      I have just returned from Amazon, where I got right to the order confirmation screen before hitting cancel. This is becoming somewhat of an evening routine. I figure if I intend on buying within the first six months, then I should pre-order to get a price that probably won't be bettered for a while. If I dont pre-order, then I should probably be prepared to wait until the autumn, by which time I'd imagine the console will be cheaper, or so I am telling myself.

  3. LOL, that was very funny. I'm having a bit of the same feelings, I want to get one day one but at the same time I'd much rather save the money for a few months when its cheaper and Sony has worked out the kinks. I figure I'll walk into the store day one and if there is too big a line or just sold out I'm gonna wait on it, so we will see what happens, lol. can't deny that trophy support though, lol

    1. I'm hoping they will have worked out most of the kinks off the back of the Japan launch, but you never know with Sony. I can't see you having much trouble buying one in-store on the first day, but I could be wrong.

      Its about time we had a trophy/achievement system on a handhled.

  4. Funny stuff! I not buying a Vita right away, but I know I'm going to get one eventually. Right now I can't even justify buying new games for the systems I own. I need to make more headway into my growing piles of shame... You're just going to have to let me know what you think of it when you get it.

    1. I'm starting to make progress with my pile of shame & I'm in no real rush to add to it. I'm far less interested in playing FFXII-2 than I thought I'd be, and as much as I do want to play Binary Domain & Mass Effect 3, I don't mind waiting a month or so after release before doing so.

      That should open up plenty of time to enjoy the Vita! I pre-ordered over the weekend & doubt I'll cancel it. Looks like "me" won!

  5. Ha... missed this blog. Good stuff. Nice to see you are getting one. Looking forward to hearing your impressions and having a friend to compete with in Lumines scores!

    1. You'll have to go easy on me as this will be my first Lumines game. Gameplay style looks very familiar though.

      Looking forward to going for high scores in Super Stardust!


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