The End of Another Generation - Intro

It's once again time to look back on a generation past.

As I did with the seventh gen back in 2013, I'm going to write a series of posts about the departing generation. This series will include a top twenty countdown of my favourite 8G games, which I'm already losing sleep over.

Why did people like Doom?

Can I include Rez Infinite, even though it's an expanded port of a Dreamcast game?

What the fuck was the Wii U?

Does Assassin's Creed Valhalla belong to the 8th or 9th Gen?

Did I lock the front door?

My eighth generation is over. My Vita and 3DS are long since retired, my Wii U was abandoned years ago, and my Xbox One and PS4 have new owners. My Switch is still in heavy use, but we'll call that a 8G/9G hybrid.

I've had an Xbox Series X and PS5 since November and December, respectively. Thanks to full, backwards compatibility, I was encouraged to sell my Xbox One and PS4. It feels weird making a clean break from that hardware, though I am still catching up on some last-gen games on my new boxes.

Not everyone has been lucky enough to upgrade. For many, the last gen continues to be their current reality, thanks to extreme shortages of supply, especially here in Japan. To those people I say: try harder.

Anyway, the seven years since I wrote my last generational round up have flown by. Or have they dragged? I'm not really sure, but they've definitely passed. If nothing else, we can say with certainty that it's no longer 2013.

It is 2021. 

So let's look back before we look forward. For the next month or more, I'll be writing all about the eighth generation, spanning the launch of the 3DS in 2011 up until the arrival of the new Xbox and PS5 in late 2020. I hope you'll join me in indulging in some recent nostalgia.

The first post should be up next week, once I've decided whether or not the Switch is an eighth-gen console. Thanks Nintendo.


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